Saturday, 3 March 2012

western medicine

Formed in 1994, 'Western Medicine' were arguably the worlds first pure rap-rock group. Others, such as Anthrax, Aerosmith are credited with its invention. Even though bands like Faith No More and the Beastie Boys were probably the first direct interpretations of the genre, however none of them had the intensity of 'Western Medicine'. Claims could be made that they were the real inspiration for the Nu-Metal movement. The three piece group from Birmingham were made up of: Ian Coombes (Guitar & Vocals), Stephen Pestworth (Keyboards) and Jeff Bridges (Drums) (Also, no relation to famous Jeff Bridges).

Spending much of 1994 in a garage in the suburb they grew up in, the band developed a sound influenced by the early days of rap and classic rock. Their one intention to be the perfect mix between Free and Bone Thugs and Harmony.

The music that formed the most of their recorded output (1 demo cassette) was close to their Free plus BTNH template, with clear indications they should be the next big thing in music. Fred Durst, front man of Nu Metal titans limpbizkit is said to be a huge fan.
Rumours indicate Mike Patton of Faith No More is also supposedly an owner of the demo, of which there are only eight in existence.

Details of Demo by 'Western Medicine'

Artist: Western Medicine
Title: Straight up Buttfuck Dragons

1. Insight into Homunculus
2. Steve West Intro - Regret Nothing, Big Money Gristle
3. Powers of the Gravitron
4. Hate Inc.

Lyrically, they spent much of their time dwelling on subjects such as mythical creatures, basic science and extreme right wing politics.

Unfortunately, due to internal politics the group split in June 1996, missing the nu metal boom, by about three years. Following 'Western Medicine' Ian Coombes finished his university degree and moved to Devon, where he has become a secondary school teacher. Stephen Pestworth is still in the music industry founding the soul/blues outfit 'Heat', whilst Jeff Bridges has been made bankrupt following a legal dispute with the local supermarket he worked at.

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