Thursday, 12 July 2012

smiling at the window and yawning towards the door,
the cars bright headlights made my eyes sore.
the long nights of being a trucker were intense and full of deep thought
also, there wasn't a bit of pornography that I hadn't bought,
from the A1 Adult Superstore.

Its a fantastic break from the hum drum of the motorway,
I can browse the compilations of various adult stars
and really get stuck into deciding what kind of porn suits me best.

I like it pretty straight forward. not too complicated,
just something going into something, thats all I really need,
either that or robots. like sex robots.
maybe it is being in vehicles (my articulated lorry) for so many hours,
which causes me to have this  leaning towards automatons and machines.

I don't worry too much, i've never tried to stick my pecker in a car,
i just get off on women acting like them.

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